It’s almost that time of the year again. With the mid exams fast approaching, everything which seemed to be under control at the beginning of the semester started picking up pace and somehow got out of hands. The middle of the semester can be really frustrating because of the labs, exams and project or assignment deadlines. Here is what you can do to get back on track again:

Get a good night’s sleep
Yes, you read that right! Without some rest, you will end up skipping classes which will only make it worse. You will also have a clear mind for working on assignments or studying if you get some shut-eye.

Call your parents
Sometimes all you need is a talk from your mom or dad telling you how proud they are. No one can motivate us like they do. Your professors might not love you after failing a test or missing a deadline, but your parents will.

Take part in activities or spend some time with your pals. This will take your mind off of all those submissions for a while. Plus, engaging with friends can help you brainstorm new ideas on how to get all of them done in no time.

Reward yourself
After every 2 chapters you study or for every ‘A’ you get on a test, treating yourself to that chocolate cake you’ve been wanting to eat won’t hurt. Also, go out and explore a new place or enjoy a night out. This way you will be able to start the next week on a fresh note.

Take a break from your phone
Which initially starts out as a 5-minute scroll eventually ends after 2 hours. Even if you keep the phone beside you, it is really hard to concentrate with notifications drawing you in to take a peek. Try locking your phone in your almirah. This way, you will feel lazy to get up and check your phone. Now, you won’t end up wasting time.

Give yourself a pat on the back! You made it this far and before you know it, it will be summer break. You will be wanting to start the next college year with the same enthusiasm all over again!


-Medha Muppala

I’m a vivacious, half-sane fantasist obsessed with travelling, guinea pigs and the stars.