If you wake up to the ecstatic joy of birds in radiant sunshine, good morning you are in the same world. If you see delighted animals blissfully dancing on the deserted roads, it’s an outstanding day and you are in the same world again. If you are in LPU and can see Dhauladhar Mountains rising up to heaven it’s no dream, you are in the same world again.

Bountiful blue sky days and scattered eyeful stars in the nights are back to us. Nature started to retrieve itself as we quarantined ourselves at home.

A generation-long wait from Himachal to Jalandhar

Dhauladhar Mountains from LPU

This spectacular view of the Dhauladhar Mountains is visible from Jalandhar city as the sky gets clear.

Some reports show that pollution has dipped down to 30 years low. Well, such a substantial fall in pollution levels is the paramount cause of this spell-bound sight of beauty. Staggeringly this marvel creation of nature is 200 km away from the city. However, it still beautifully peeks through sloppy clouds as a magic wand of nature.

Few elderly people vividly explained that the mountains were hidden in the clouds for about a generation. It came out when we all thought it was impossible. The supreme mother of nature continues to surprise us.

Magnificent snapshots of a miraculous view

Dhauladhar Mountains from LPU
Picture Credits: Manush Dewan, BJMC

To witness this view people mounted onto their rooftops and quickly captured the beauty. These are a few pictures making rounds on the internet. Take a look.

A bright snow white necklace like mountains are perfectly tangled with green beads like trees. The picture is nature’s true elegance with no toxic pollution hinges attached.

The bitter truth of never getting better

On one hand, the world is fighting an invisible enemy and on the other, nature is taking its own shape.

Several nations declared a lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak around the world. As people continue to stay indoors the things outdoors seem to be getting better. Pollution began to curb down to unbelievable numbers. Animals are aroused to their freedom beyond boundaries. Birds own the sky like never before.

But unfortunately, the truth is bitter, soon after the lockdown ends we may not be able to see things this beautiful again.

Should we take more yet well-prepared breaks like this?

It’s just a mere understanding of a few people that frequent breaks could thrive to make Earth a healthy place again. Nations together can do this putting everything on a temporary hold. Staying indoors could possibly strengthen relationships. However, not everyone can afford to stay indoors. Daily wage workers wouldn’t endure and sustain for long in such scenarios. But it could work if planned and executed well. Let us know what you think about this.