The outbreak of Coronavirus has left the entire world shocked and upset by the daily increase in the number of cases and continuous deaths have undoubtedly added to everybody’s concern. India is facing a major 21 days lockdown since 25th March 2020 which is expected to expire on 14th April 2020. It was ordered only after the cases in India rose to 500 after a 14 hours curfew on 22nd March which limited the movement of 1.3 billion population of India and obliged them to stay at home. Despite the undergoing research regarding the formation of a vaccine against the deadly Coronavirus, the financial problem remains an issue within the country.

Propitiously, India has seen major celebrities and organisations donating lakhs and crores of money to the government and other specific institutions. LPU has also allocated a fund of 1 million dollars, which certainly is a huge amount! This fund was admeasured for working on technologies that might help in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

This monetary help has been exclusively accustomed for the researchers, organisations and entrepreneurs who are working towards the eradication of COVID-19 and reduction of the pandemic. Apart from the researchers, entrepreneurs and organisations, faculties and students who are likely to come forward to help are also to be benefitted by the fund provided by the University and will be further encouraged to find a solution to this persisting problem and work for the betterment of the suffering people.

Previously, LPU and its students were seen donating a total of rupees 10 lakhs to the victims of Kerala floods where the LPU management alone donated Rs. 5 lakhs to the team of student’s donations raising along with the staff members to help the people facing havoc from the continuous torrential rains. The donators then were not only Kerala students but also NCC cadets, NSS volunteers and other national and international students who potentially stood forward to help.

Therefore, it is a mark and tradition of LPU to provide a helping hand to the needy and the cooperation and support administered by the University are truly remarkable. It is also a novel way of expressing love and gratitude towards the fighters and survivors of the Coronavirus pandemic and even towards the doctors and the policemen who are working and functioning selflessly day and night and trying their level best to ensure the recovery of the affected people and prevention of the transmission of the deadly virus respectively. Hence, it is our moral duty to do as the government says, stay at home and hold some patience until and unless we find a legitimate and decent solution to our existing problems and freed the world from the fierce chain of the deadly virus.