“Raising awareness, changing the marketplace, effecting spiritual change – whatever it is that you decide your thing, go for it.” – Stone Gossard

This is the principle that motivated the three visionaries we are going to know about in this article. Each one of us strives to solve social issues and make the world a better place. Yet, we just cannot wholly towards that. But it could not stop them.

AIESEC in Jalandhar under the aegis of DSW, Lovely Professional University organized an event called “Discussion on Public Policy and Health”. This event featured three social activists giving their best for society and their noble cause. The event started with a warm welcome from the hosts, a brief introduction about AIESEC’s goals and the upcoming events. Everybody was excited to hear about the journey from the social activists.

A Discussion on Public Policy and Health by AIESEC in Jalandhar

 The first speaker was Ms. Ruchika Murmu. She is a public policy enthusiast with tribal welfare education, regional development, and sustainable development as her areas of interest.

She told the participants about the importance of Social media activism. Further talking about the topic, she referred to social media campaigns like the Me-too movement, black lives matter, etc. She insisted the citizens of the country raise awareness and quench for knowledge for themselves. In a nutshell, she said, “think ahead, take responsibility, understand and act inside your domain”. 

After that, Mr. Jatin Anand, a social media activist who has been associated with India Graham’s human rights project and various research projects.

Apart from that, he’s also involved in rural development and corporate social responsibility in the past. He also believed that we could use our social media and demand the government and international community to ensure social protection for marginalized children and their parents.

A Discussion on Public Policy and Health by AIESEC in Jalandhar

Both Mr. Jatin and Ms. Ruchika are the founders of “The R project”, which intervenes as a

platform to raise wise on developmental issues and as a catalyst between citizens and government, and policymakers. They also surveyed the youth to know if they want regulations to be established for OTT applications.

A Discussion on Public Policy and Health by AIESEC in Jalandhar

The third speaker was Mr. Anshuman Sahoo. He is the founder of healthcare logistics and technology startup “Impact Health,” a solution for end-to-end healthcare problems. He talked about the public healthcare system in our country and abroad as well. He also busted myths about generic medicines and corporates that are prevalent on social media.

Till the end of the event, each participant was inspired by these activists’ journey. Participants got a chance to interact with the speakers, getting to know about their goals for society.

The session ended with motivated participants having the inspiration to change the world for the better.

This was a pre-event for AIESEC’s upcoming event called “Youth Skill-Up Summit.” It is a workshop event facilitated for people to learn about trending topics like stocks, cryptocurrencies, personal branding, urban farming, etc. 

You can register for the event from the link below: