Student organization AIESEC in Jalandhar under the aegis of Division of Youth Affairs, Student Welfare Wing, Lovely Professional University organized their legacy event “Career Summit 2023”. Career Summit 2023 is aimed at providing opportunities to students of different fields to explore and develop various professional skills.

The campus was graced by the presence of the CEO of Paytm Money Mr. Varun Sridhar along with the #1 best-selling author, Founder of “The Happionaire Way”, Mr. Yogesh Chabria. Firstly, Mr. Yogesh Chabria talked about turning dreams into reality through sheer determination toward the goal. He deeply conversed about emotional health, the art of relationships, and effect of consistency on balance of life.

Then, Mr. Varun Sridhar mentioned his really inspiring life story. He mentioned the key moments that posed as a pivot to help him become the person he is today. He started out according to his parents’ will but later realized that this “Great Indian Rate Race” is not made for him. He tried exploring and found himself managing a political career in his college. He then left all his obligations and paved his own path. He found out that “crisis becomes a great opportunity”. According to him, life is all about finding a crisis. He was offered fully funded studies in one of the biggest Business schools in India but he turned that down. He wants us to be true to our identity. He also gave a hack to deal with things.

In the panel discussion, the vertos astonished the CEO of Paytm through their profitable ventures and research interests. Both the speakers helped the vertos realize that this is the biggest opportunity of their lives. If they find a solution to this, they will be able to achieve the best that is out there.

With all the questions from the vertos, the speakers were overwhelmed by the potential of the students. He appreciated the Local Committee President of AIESEC in Jalandhar, Vinay Manohar for his potential and congratulated Lovely Professional University for its success.