Yes! We have all asked ourselves this question at least once and the answer is a solid yes. The saying “the first impression is the best impression” applies well in this context since your CGPA is the first thing that is used to check your eligibility for a job.

There are arguments saying that CGPA is not the perfect measurement of a student’s knowledge. That is very true, but we must also accept the fact that a ‘perfect measurement of knowledge’ does not exist, and the closest and most reliable vector is the CGPA.

In a country like India, where millions of Engineering, Management, and Arts graduates are churned out every single year, your CGPA is the most reliable measure of judging your knowledge quotient.

Some tech giants like Google, Apple, and IBM do not require even a college degree for a job but this applies only when you have accomplished something groundbreaking and interesting, which none of the current employees haven’t done already.

Most companies keep the eligibility bar at 7.0 CGPA but few product-based companies are known to keep it as high as 8.0.

If your current CGPA is:

  • Less than 7, make it 7+ as soon as possible.
  • Between 7 & 8, write improvements to try and make it 8+
  • More than 8, congratulations. Do more extracurriculars.

CGPA matters, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your extracurricular time and keep studying all day. Your grades alone will not define your career. CGPA is just one of the eligibility criteria but an important one, nonetheless.

Having a good CGPA with creative projects that showcase your skills make a very strong and impressive resume. One must always take part in cultural activities, academic or non-academic since these teach us very important life lessons. Be part of multiple student organizations, take part in at least some of the several events and happenings in our university.

LPU has always been in favor of student organizations, so if you are eligible and have a beautiful idea, try and start your own organization with your friends, this gives you first-hand exposure to the hardships of the real world and the types of people in the society.

Companies looking to recruit freshers look for a complete package that includes soft skills (very frequently termed as Lifeskills), decision making, critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, self-awareness, effective communication, and the capability to build interpersonal relationships.

But what is the value of all these skills if you do not have enough CGPA to be eligible for the job role?

So, keep up the hard work and maintain a good CGPA along with the complete package of professional skills to guarantee a reliable and progressive career. All the best.