Emails have undoubtedly become a part of everyday life and there’s no denying the high magnitude of its importance. Since we know that an email is used mostly for professional communication, we must keep in mind some of the inherent rules for writing a mail. Here are some dos and don’ts of email communication:

Avoid Using Emojis And Too Many Exclamations

Remember that this is a professional communication and not a text chat. You wouldn’t want to use emojis and abbreviations such as LOL or SMH while talking to a prospective client or an employer. Another thing that should be avoided is overusing exclamation marks!!!!!

Always Make Sure To Put In Your Signature

A signature would be very important as it provides your contact information to your recipients so that they wouldn’t have to take time to look it up. You can set up an automatic signature on most email services in settings so that each email you send will have your signature in the end by default.

Do Not Use Humor

When it comes to emails, humor is a strange concept; most of the time, humor requires a person’s physical presence to understand and appreciate it. So humor might be misinterpreted over emails and that is something you wouldn’t want.

Proper Salutations

I cannot stress this enough. Most people skip using any kind of formal salutations or go for casual text-chat greetings which decreases the overall quality of the entire email. Salutations like Hello (First name) or Dear (First name) are also acceptable.

Always Specify The Subject

One of the most important and efficient ways to communicate on the internet is by letting the person know of the subject of the email as it enhances the chances of the recipient taking the time to read it.


Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t like an email with bad English or grammar, so how do you avoid that? There are plenty of online tools like Grammarly out there which can help you understand errors and correct them.

The above are some of the most common and important rules of writing professional emails, make sure to follow these positively to enhance your skills.