2088 will be the year, when there will be no fossil fuels left on earth. The over exploitation of fossil fuels will lead to a state where there will be no coal, no gas no and no oils to facilitate our life and keep it moving. Mere 69 years to go. If you don’t wake up on the solutions right now, then the conditions and repercussions will be unbelievably worst. What we can do? Well we have some ways by which we can increase the number of years for the outlast.

51% of the total fossil fuels go in the process to obtain gasoline. Which contributes to all of the vehicles which run on petrol, diesel and its products. Other sector which contributes to this total fossil fuel usage his for aeroplanes and jets. The contribute about 26% of the total fossil fuels. The rest 23% goes into heavy machineries, tools, power plants etc.

So majorly, cars are the main contributor for the fuel usage. The most sensitive sector to be concentrated upon for fuel saving. What we can do is that, we can let people know some tricks to avoid indiscriminate use of petroleum, especially in the case of cars, trucks and any other vehicle which uses petrol or diesel.

  1. A minimal use of air conditioners in cars can save fuel manifolds.

2. You can save about 15% expenses per year on your fuel if you close up the windows of your vehicle. That’s a major thing to consider economically and environmentally.

3. Switch off your engine when you have to stand for more than a minute.

4. Make sure your vehicle is serviced regularly.

5. A good air pressure in the tubes of tyres leads to less fuel consumption. That’s significant from safety point of view too.

7. Don’t take your vehicle out if you have to go under one kilometre. Take a walk. WHO has declared that a person should walk more than 8000 steps in a day to lead a healthy life. So it’s a great thing to be on foot.

So above are all the ways you can outlast the fuel pump for future and save your environment and economy. Be sensible, be aware, our environment is our responsibility.

-Yash Pathak

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