Emotional Problems


Emotional problems are really difficult to handle because they create struggle in ourselves that we find hard to get rid of. Issues like anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and depression often bring  a sense of hopelessness with them, that can give way to despair. 

A person with emotional problems may try and fight his/her situation with positive thinking and pleasurable distractions, and this may seem to help, but the problems always creep back. Emotional problems often get compounded and complicated when helplessness and hopelessness lead to self hatred. When a person in such a situation cannot seem to get himself to a commonly perceived ‘normal’ state, he or she can begin to feel powerless and frustrated.

The lack of support from near and dear ones, their judgemental behaviour and insensitivity can also aggravate the problem. Self corrective methods of losing oneself in work, effecting a change of place, job, people is also not always a permanent cure. Things may seem to have gotten okay, just for a stray incident to unravel things and leave one bewildered and despairing.

Professional help is definitely the best course for the tackling of emotional problems. The correct identification of the source of such issues and remedial action from the core outwards is the only way to fix them.  The first step however has to be an individual’s acceptance that an issue exists and help is required. The next is to fight the natural hesitation about ‘what will everyone think?’. Professional counselling and therapy is still frowned upon in our society, which can further inhibit a person in need of seeking the same. Support from family and loved ones is key in such situations.