A Way Out of Depression



These days, life has become so hectic and so many heart-breaking things happen every day that the mood always stays depressed. A depressed mind is less accepting of comfort and happiness than a normal one. This in effect makes depression a sort of negative whirlpool, very hard to get out of. It is associated with a sense of emptiness and a social distance from everyone around. Depressed people often withdraw from others because they think that everyone wants to feel happy and so they are different and unacceptable, or that they will ruin other people’s moods with their own. But isolation seldom cures depression. Locking oneself up in a room and trying to keep occupied can help one feel less socially inadequate but may not really address their depression.

A school of thought says that depression can be handled if one schools oneself to accept that things are what they are. An attitude of no expectation for things to be better can keep disappointment and hope both at bay, leaving one with a stable base to build on. So instead of trying to alleviate one’s depression, one should instead take things in stride and move forward constructively. Gradually things will change and one will see a purpose to life, towards the realization of which he will begin to make efforts. Success at this purpose may then begin to give one that elusive happiness that can cure depression.