Every college girl has her own perception and ideology on the clichés of social norms of today. Today here at Happenings, I will be decoding some of the assumptions and stereotypes that surround modern lifestyle and 21st-century thinking pattern of growing up college students in this era. I spoke with numerous young ladies here at Lovely Professional University who have anonymously submitted their honest responses and thoughts to some lingering questions. So, you can enjoy an open and real chat with some of the very authentic and intriguing young women and understand what they feel about the un-covered realities of life.

Facing Stereotypes: From a Female Perspective

Why are you here and because of who?

“I used to struggle with academics and learnings in high school. Every concept for me was hard to grasp. My grades used to suffer because of my lack of understanding and I was tagged ‘dumb’ by many. I’m here because of my mother. She always believed in me and pushed me to pursue my graduation in B.com (Hons.). I have regained my confidence in learning and I am one of the top achievers now.”

“After completing high school, I wanted to pursue a course in Agriculture. I belong to a small town near Ludhiana and my father is a farmer. I want to help him in as many ways as possible. I’m here for him”

“If you’d see my room at home, it’s full of gadgets and machinery. Being a kid I used to play with those construction kits a lot. (Laughs) I guess I wanted to become a mechanical engineer since childhood. I love to build and create. So, I guess, I’m here for myself.”

Facing Stereotypes: From a Female Perspective

Are you open to changing yourself with the changing era?

“I belong to a family that you can call conservative to an extent. Getting my hair coloured or my 6th tattoo was something they couldn’t disagree more. But, being here I explored myself and my choices. I can live their way or I can make my own.”

“My family is very traditional. They were so worried about my marriage after graduation that they wouldn’t let me cut my hair or wear short dresses and even told me not to talk to boys. I struggle with not enjoying with my classmates but I am too scared to disobey my parents”

“Last year I opened up to my parents about my boyfriend. He’s an international student so we obviously have cultural differences. It went better than I thought and I guess times are changing for better”

Facing Stereotypes: From a Female Perspective

Does your outer appearance make you conscious?

“I have gained 15 kg since I came here. I am away from home and often get pointed out by my friends about how I should reduce. Back at home, nobody cares. I cry alone in my room sometimes. But it runs in my family and isn’t as easy for me to join gym or exercise. But nobody understands”

“I’m from South India and a dark complexion is what I’m proud of”

“I used to think I don’t have a boyfriend because I’m ugly. Now I realised people are stupid enough to judge the book by its cover after all”

“I met an accident at the age of 6 after which I got many scars on my face and shoulder. I used to put makeup to hide them and look presentable. I still do it because I think outer beauty matters in a world of fools”