College is very confusing. You will have tons of assignments, events, social gatherings and still have to maintain a good GPA. It’s easy for anyone to get off track without proper planning. Here’s how you can balance your college life and get everything done:

  • Set short time goals

When I mean set goals, it also means you need to stick to them and follow accordingly. Set daily, weekly or monthly goals. Tell yourself you have to complete studying that chapter in the next few days. You will get things done only when you set a deadline.

Set short term goals

  • Don’t multitask

It may seem like you can get things done faster while you’re listening to music. Sorry for bursting your bubble, but let me tell you that it actually decreases your productivity by 40%. You remember more of what you study without music.

  • Take notes in class

With everything available on the internet now, students barely take notes thinking they could replay a lecture anytime they want. One night before the exam, you won’t be able to play the whole video for a single important point you couldn’t remember. This is exactly where handwritten notes come to the rescue.

Take notes in class

  • Use a planner

It doesn’t always have to be a planner, there are tons of apps that could give you reminders of any deadlines or important events coming up. This way, you’ll be sure not to miss anything important.

Use a planner

  • Choose your location

Some people are okay with studying on the bed while some need a study table and a chair. Choose a place which isn’t messy and is organized. It would be really hard to get anything done if you’re surrounded by clutter and chaos.

With careful planning, those good grades can be yours. Remember to get the right amount of sleep, eat healthily, socialize and look after your health. Be sure to leave comments below on what works for you for staying productive in college.