Life is beautiful, if you have a little Faith.

To the land the sky seems a thing of beauty, to the sky the ocean is the best thing ever created, to oceans the sun is the most powerful thing , to the sun a nebula is enchanting, to the nebula dust is everything, to dust – faith is life. It is faith that allows dust to give life to a star, to blind someone’s eye, to scatter light, or bind with earth to strengthen the ground.

FAITH made of just five letters can control everything. It is with the power of faith, that we hope. Where there is hope, there is always a way. Things will go wrong, accidents will occur, but faith in ourselves that we can right wrongs, overcome tragedy, heal hurts, gives us the hope that all will eventually be well. Faith in a higher power gives courage and fortitude, comfort that someone’s watching over us.

Humans are given a brain to think and a heart to feel. That’s a gift we should handle with care, as only we control both of them. We have been titled the rulers of this planet, but the question is do we actually rule it? Or is it an illusion?

Whenever that powerless feeling threatens to overwhelm us we need to have a little Faith in ourselves, take a deep breath and tackle life, one day at a time. Everything is not meant to be done in a single day, even God took seven days to create this world.

Live a little, enjoy a bit. Don’t take life too seriously as you won’t make out of it alive. Start making time for yourself, for your loved ones. Make memories, not photo-albums. You are the hero of your movie called Life. You’re also your own  make-up artist, so carry a smile, often. Life is beautiful, if you have a little Faith.