Lovely professional university in its commitment to transforming India and transforming education is offering Foreign Language courses to its students irrespective of their course and year.

My personal experience started in my first week at LPU itself. We were administered a mock test of AMCAT to test our understanding of the English language. Upon clearing the test, the English subject was exempted from my first year’s syllabus and I was asked to pursue either German or French as a substitute

I was elated for the opportunity and chose German (Deutsch) because I was very interested in learning that language and after 2 semesters of studying it, this was one of my best decisions. We had 4 lectures per week and the course weighed 4 credits each semester. In the two semesters, we were through with the basics and are capable of making a petty conversation, tell time, explain directions, and give a dynamic introduction of ourselves, all in pure Deutsch.

My instructor was Saurav Sharma sir. He was well versed in this foreign language with himself having stayed in Germany for many years. The journey my classmates and I had in learning the language was very exciting, fun and fulfilling. We had learning activities in every lecture; we made PowerPoint presentations in German; we had a self-shooting activity where we made a video introducing ourselves to an imaginary person and talked for 2 minutes straight in pure German! 

In the last week of the course, we all watched a German movie together called Im Juli in class and we were perplexed, realizing how much of the language we understood. Just a year ago this movie would have made no sense without subtitles and yet here we are being able to understand it as if it were an English movie. We are all very thankful to Saurav sir for bringing us this far. 

The 2 semesters of syllabus along with good practice are enough to clear the A1 language certification exam. The exam can be attempted at any of the 6 Geothe-Institut centres in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune). 

If you or anyone you know is interested, the Department of Foreign Languages is offering German, French and Japanese courses for A1 and A2 levels. There are 2 types of courses, Intensive course (4 months) and non-intensive course (1 year) available for staff and both LPU and non-LPU students. You can contact the Department of Foreign Languages for more details about the next batch, seat availability and fees.