LPU School of Architecture and Design, for the first time in its history, organized a gala, dedicated solely to the future architects and designers of the institute. The Bollywood -Retro themed party: ‘Aagman 2k19’, was conducted on the 24th of August, in the Shantidevi Mittal Auditorium. It was arranged by the Lovely faculty and the talented seniors of architecture & design department, for their greenhorn juniors.

The euphoric audience was welcomed by the multitalented hosts, J.J Johnson. The program commenced with a warm greeting from Chief Architect, Mr. Atul Singla. He acknowledged the faculty members and seniors for successfully organizing, the first-ever freshman party of LSAD! Next was a series of freshers’ talent hunt competition, wherein the students showcased their singing, dancing, and acting skills, in front of a panel of judges. All the acts were par excellence. Even the judges were impressed by seeing the caliber of youth at LPU.

Then the HOS of Business and Arts, Mr. Sanjeev Modi enlightened the newcomers with his words of wisdom. He advised the students to “stay innovative and determined!” He also urged the faculty for arranging the senior-junior interactions frequently. So that the seniors could assess their junior’s thought process and guide them. “It would be a win-win situation,” said Mr.Modi. Quite true, as both juniors, as well as seniors, would learn something new from each other after such fruitful interactions.

By evening, tables had turned, as now it was senior’s time to unveil their talents. The host of the evening, J.J Johnson showed some astonishing vocal skills, beat-boxing, and a-never-before-seen way of playing the piano. The Bollywood-Retro singing and dancing act, both were electrifying. The whole auditorium reverberated with thunderous applauds after each act. Next was a ‘doubt clearing session’ in which seniors answered their junior’s FAQ. Then came the most awaited moment, i.e. crowning the new Mister & Miss Fresher. Judges had a hard time choosing the best among the bests!

The end was still far away, as the DJ party was the next treat waiting for freshers at Baldev Raj Unipolis. The ambiance at Unipolis DJ ground was zealous. Untiring students tapped their feet on the beat. Finally, in the end, students moved to the food court to enjoy the feast. Kudos! to the faculty members and the hardworking seniors for bringing this fresher party to fruition. For students of LSAD, Aagman 2k19 will truly be a memory to cherish their entire life.