I remember in my freshman’s year one of the most common questions I was asked by new faces was “Why India?” Let me forward the question to you fresher.

Why India?

You might have a bunch of answers to that question or maybe not even one. Maybe you can say “it just happened”, I don’t know. But since you’re here, let me give you one good reason among the many.

India’s culture, festivals and food.

These are some of the things India is famous for and since you’re here, why not experience them?

This is actually a topic you can talk about with new people. Ask them for suggestions on places you should visit, festivals you should look forward to and food you should try out. From the suggestions make a bucket list.

It doesn’t end on writing the list, you have to make it happen. Find out more about the items on your list.

For places, find out how you can get there, the accommodation and the approximate cost. Start saving and you can use your holidays for such adventures.

For festivals, circle those dates on your calendar and wait with enthusiasm. You wouldn’t want to miss them.

In terms of food, well that’s the best part. That’s how you will know what you like and what you don’t like. Oh and remember to eat healthily. Freshers tend to rely on junk food which is so unhealthy.

Make your stay in India count. Studies aside, make memories you will cherish forever. Try something new and be willing to experience change. I won’t lie to you, change is hard to take in but it’s, with no doubt, good.  

The Bucket List Oath

I solemnly swear to create memories that last a lifetime. I vow to make an impression on the world, not the couch. I promise to dream about unrealistic goals and them my reality.