Class lectures are very important for college students. CA’s and mid-term questions can be easily handled if classwork and notes are practised properly. But as a college student who generally enrolled themselves in various other things such as extracurricular clubs, sports, NGOs, tuition or courses find hard to take time for revising or classwork. And if you are among them it’s better to complete classwork in the class only to avoid future problems.

Here is a guide to help you to make the most out of class.

Location and Surrounding

classThe most important thing that needs to take care before the beginning of any lecture is your location and people sitting near you. Try to sit in the front row as it automatically makes your mind focused rather than diving in thoughts and distractions. Make sure you are not sitting with or nearby annoying people or disturbing elements of the class. Don’t get engaged in any other activity and if someone encourages you to do so, be strict on them and yourself and focus properly on the lecture.

Food Intake

classYes, proper food and diet matter if you wish to gain focus in any field. Don’t ever skip breakfast especially before the class. Try to include citrus fruits or shakes in breakfast. If you are a coffee lover then it will be more beneficial in initial lectures, as caffeine helps in building concentration. Drink water before and between the class to properly hydrate and remove laziness.

Proper Rest

classThe brain is also like a machine if you overuse it will surely get damage or work poorly in the future. So, take proper rest at night. If you have a lot of things to do, then also try to sleep at least 6 to 7 hours. Find time for hobbies, and other things that give you joy because refreshed brain stores more data and works without anxiety and pressure.

Ask Queries

classThe most effective way to get more from the class is by asking questions. Don’t let a single doubt come to the room with you after the class. Ask as many questions as you can, discuss with your teachers, and if even doubt doesn’t get cleared, take personal time from teachers or discuss with classmates after the lecture. Always try to create self-questions from the ongoing topic, write those down in your notebook and give your self-target to clear those questions on the same day.