Are you leading a sedentary lifestyle and becoming lazy and gaining a lot of weight? Well, in short, are you becoming like me? Your body fat is increasing and you are becoming chubby? Need some guidance to maintain your health because you know, a fit body leads to a fit mind and ‘healthy body is the best fashion statement’? If yes, then you are one step closer to your destination (well, I’m one step ahead as I already know what I’m about to share! It should be humorous by the way.)

Okay, coming back to the topic; what if I tell you that you are getting the opportunity to be guided and trained by renowned sportsperson who is also the holder of many world records? Yeah! You heard it right. You are getting the chance to meet and trained by ‘VICKY DEOL’, the sportsperson who has made his space in the Limca Book of Records, the Golden Book of World Records, the Worldkings Record, the Asia Book of Records, the India Book of Records.

This opportunity is brought to you by CLUB TWENTY, a student organization in LPU, under the event MASTER YOUR CONFIDENCE. This is the best and the most affordable opportunity to get trained by such an eminent personality!

The agenda of this event is not just to improve your physical fitness or help you to lose weight but also to teach self-defense, so I guess girls can make most from this event as learning self-defense has become a done deal nowadays, well for boys too.

As I said earlier that it’s affordable so you must be wondering about the charges, right? Each session will be of Rs 50 and there will be 4 sessions in a month, so the charges would be just Rs 200 per head. A session will be on every weekend starting from 14th March 2020 for two hours and every participant will be getting a certificate.

I think the agenda speaks for the rest. At last, I’ll just say that don’t miss this amazing opportunity, else you will surely regret. And as I told you that I’m of the same category, becoming plump and lazy, I’m definitely going to attend the sessions and hope to see you there too.

For any queries, contact: 7906440791