Have you started to apply for an MBA program? If so, then should you go for a regular MBA or a Global MBA? The answer depends upon the type of business you dream of working with.

A Regular MBA Program:

MBAIf you wish to work for a business with a strong domestic presence and smaller international reach, then you should opt for a regular MBA. These programs prepare people to manage a business that follows domestic regulations and best practices in their home country’s standards.

A Global MBA Program:

MBAWith Global MBA programs, you will focus on global operating procedures, global finance, and international ethical requirements. You will be able to find Global MBA programs offered domestically, but it is better to study abroad since you will get a stronger first-hand feel of international business conditions and practices.

The similarities between the two:

MBAWith both programs, the MBA students will learn about business ethics, human resources, optimal decision-making, finance, data modelling, accounting, marketing, and management.

Choosing between a regular MBA and Global MBA program is an exhilarating and crucial decision for your career. Now that you have a stronger understanding of the differences, make the best decision possible for your MBA journey.