Read the above phrase in the title again. The chances are likely that something else would have struck your mind at first while reading the title but go through the word at the end again, the meaning is different altogether.

How is Mastur-dating different?

It’s kind of lewd yet satisfying activity, wherein one will engage on an ordinary date with his/herself and with the objective to impress only themselves. (reference: https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/1904096)

“It’s said that if you feel lonely when you are alone, that means you’re in the bad company.”

Give it a thought: How would you feel taking yourself out for a movie or dinner?

You won’t have loved yourself like this ever before than this, that comes out of my personal experience.


Spending time with your own can turn out to be a beautiful gift that may bless you with answers of unsolved mysteries, clear doubts about life, show you the silver line behind the dark clouds. Having said that, one must be willing and motivated enough to spend time with him/her self.

Still, I have friends & family around!

Indeed! You are the lucky one if you have people around to listen to you. Family members and friends can happen to be the best companions and even role models of life. They can guide, support, mentor us but the final decision in almost every situation and for everything has to come from our end. Eventually, the person within has to take the final call on whether you should do what you are about to do.

Remember: You’re the best judge of yourself and mastudating is the practice of getting better at making well informed and wise judgments.

Isn’t that too boring being alone?

Have You Ever Muster-Dated

It may be for initial few days but the moment you utilize your own company to introspect, find out flaws, figure out the poisonous creatures around including humans, to know what went wrong and where it went wrong, you may realize its worth.

Moreover, research studies also say that if you do something consistently (for 21 days as per Maxwell Maltz, a cosmetic surgeon in 1960 & 66 days as per recent research led by a team at the University College London), it becomes your habit. Hence, there is a way around to avoid any sort of reluctance. Why not give it a try, there are no side-effects.

What’s in it for me?

As per an article listed on Forbes, there are 7 Science-backed reasons you should spend more time alone as follows:

  1. Alone time increases empathy.
  2. Solitude increases productivity.
  3. Solitude sparks creativity.
  4. Being alone can help you build mental strength.
  5. Solitude may reduce behaviour problems in kids.
  6. Being alone gives you an opportunity to plan your life.
  7. Solitude helps you know yourself.

(Reference: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amymorin/2017/08/05/7-science-backed-reasons-you-should-spend-more-time-alone)

Few experts have advised wisely that we should know ourselves first then the World outside. Most of us overthink about receiving the kinds of comments, compliments as well as criticism from the people around. One can utilize that power of mind to interact with the person within and raise the level of thinking phenomenon. He/she may come up with better things to do rather than thinking about what others think about his/her self.

Dating with your ownself even helps to reboot the brain and rewind it. It not only guides in difficult times but shows the right path to follow too. It helps to architect the mind and design the mind-set from all new perspectives bringing an astonishing energy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about us and not about anyone else.

Alright, when and where to mastur-date?

If you have been reading this article so far that means you’re realizing its value and importance in life. Mastur-dating can’t be restricted to any particular day or time. One may go for it as per their comfort and convenience. There are various ways to enjoy your own company as listed below:

  1. Explore the city alone regardless how long you have been staying there. You will definitely find something new about it.
  2. Go out for a walk at a place like an area park (maybe full of playing kids) where you can witness some happy, stress free and innocent faces along with melodious sound of birds.
  3. Treat yourself with a cup of coffee or a bowl of any common street snacks as per interest.
  4. Watch an upcoming or already released movie and it may connect the dots in your mind to solve the existing challenge of your daily life.
  5. Listen to your favourite singer.
  6. Sit and enjoy time at the bank of a river, lake or sea beach.
  7. Read books/novels as and when you feel like.
  8. Plan a trip alone for trekking, paragliding or other adventurous sports.
  9. Why not a long drive!
  10. Go to the nearest amusement park and take your favourite childhood ride.

Rest, sky is the limit. One can explore new ways to entertain him/her self and share with others for their wellness too.

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Mr Gaurav Bali is a Personality Architect & Life Skills Trainer, who has over 5 years of rich experience in working at various positions in the corporate sector. Following his passion, he managed the entire gamut of training & development for over 4 years as a freelance trainer and developed an expertise in people skills. An engineer turned trainer and a gold medallist in Personality Development from IIT Kanpur is currently associated with LPU as a Soft Skills Trainer with School of Professional Enhancement.
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