Our globe is suffering from the pandemic caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, amidst this, we all are advised to stay home, stay safe! during the lockdown period to limit the deadly COVID-19 spread. Meanwhile, lifestyles of people have changed entirely and in most of the homes, people are getting impatient and irritated which is quite natural.

Adding to this, office workers and other professionals are working from home itself and they are compromising with their health by eating and sitting continuously and unfortunately, they are getting habituated to this kind of lifestyle. Almost everyone is making excuses resulting in adapting prolong sitting and frequent eating habits. But as a solution to this problem, we can apply various effective lifestyle habits which are surely going to improve your overall health and mindset during this lockdown period.

This is really needed in this present situation of the pandemic, 10-15 minutes of meditation in the morning will charge your mind and will make you feel fresh, calm and energetic for the whole day.

Yoga and Exercise
We all might be aware of yoga challenges, do practice it, and take the challenge to boost your immunity as well as overall health. At least 20 minutes of yoga practice will undoubtedly be going to renew your body. You can also practice warm-ups and light exercises if you hesitate to practice yoga or you can do both one after the other.

Almost 75% of our body is made of water. Therefore, without proper hydration, your body is not going to metabolize well enough to keep your vital body functions work efficiently. Drink water in a gap of every hour whole day. There is an awesome trick to know how much water you need to drink in a day, divide your weight by 20 , and that number in litres will be the required amount.

Diet and Health
Diet is the most crucial thing which directly impacts your overall health of the body. You must have heard this phrase “We are what we eat” Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which are loaded with minerals, vitamins, fibres, and many essential compounds needed by our body. Cook healthy and eat healthily, don’t make this lockdown period to cheat meal period. We all are well aware of the significance of having strong immunity power which enables the body to fight against diseases. Immunity is developed by consuming fresh homemade natural food and not by cooking junk and tagging it as homemade food. Break this fine line and adopt healthy eating habits that are going to benefit your body whole life.

Adopt these habits and make your body super fit and healthy. Try to make these a part of your daily routine and stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home. Don’t make excuses otherwise, your body may refuse you.