We are approaching the tenth month of the global pandemic and still, there is no relief from the highly contagious virus ruling the world right now. The total number of coronavirus cases has crossed the 30 million mark globally leading to over a million deaths already.

How and when can the pandemic end?

There is no formal answer to this question as to when the pandemic may end as history has seen various epidemics and pandemics occurring to plague humanity. If not practically, then theoretically there might be two ways of eliminating the pandemic (both with their consequences); one being the medical elimination and the other being the social one.

The high rise of cases in India

India couldn’t have seen a worse picture of the pandemic unfolding and the crisis seems to be never-ending. It is still being predicted to surge higher in many regions of the country after officially touching the 5 million mark. Therefore, the pandemic needs to be eradicated from the root level with a localised and effective response.

The medical ending of this pandemic

As of now, the medical ending signifies vaccine development where many candidates have already completed major trials and reached critical stages. Even if the vaccine is not completely accurate or effective, it should be able to at least control the continuous spread of the pandemic.

According to experts, even though the main concern is to produce a vaccine that is 75% effective; a 50-60% effective vaccine can also be aimed to reduce the high spreading of the disease. Looking at the results, we can expect a positive and successful vaccine by the quarter of 2021.

Once tested to be completely safe, public circulation of the vaccine begins with mass vaccination which can slowly help us to get rid of the disease and minimize its high mortality rate. This is considered as a vital and the most important step towards the end of this global pandemic.

What can be the social ending of the same?

As observed in Spanish flu, one of the fierce pandemics in the previous century, the social ending can be taken as an option. The Spanish flu which infected around 500 million of the world’s population wiping out nearly 1% of it, diminished after 2 long years after people started gaining immunity against the cause.

This may occur when we finally get tired of all the restrictions we have been bound with and start stepping outperforming our daily rituals. More and more people will get affected and more of them will gain immunity against it. However, it may come at a price that might get beyond our control and comprehension.

The pandemic might not meet its end, but can be slowed down

There is no possible end visible in the near future which shifts our purpose from trying to completely end it to control and slow it down. Herd immunity may help this to be achieved, social distancing norms, and an efficient vaccine are what are needed to be followed and required respectively to have a positive effect.