Are you scared of English? At some point, you might have faced difficulty in comprehending the paragraph because of few unknown words. So, does memorizing the word (and its meanings) resolve the issues?

In this article, we are going to learn few creative methods to understand the word meaning.

I remember some people suggested I learn five words a day. By this, one can learn 5 X 365 days = 1825 words in a year. Oh wow, this looks fancy and satisfactory; however, to be honest, this is not possible for humans to be that consistent for a year and not even forget the learned words. Here we have a more practical method to learn; let’s have a glance.

  • From where to learn new words?

Learning the words from the dictionary will not be in the memory for so long but learning from the paragraph or meaningful sentence will. So, learn new words from newspapers or articles.

E.g., ‘Abrupt’ means sudden and unexpected.

It’s better if we can learn the meaning of this word from this sentence “An abrupt change of plan.”

By this, it is apparent that word ‘abrupt’ is used for sudden and unexpected. Agree? So, learn the meaning and also write a meaningful sentence that must contain that word.  

One should additionally hunt for its synonyms and antonyms to induce a transparent understanding of the world. Because in some cases, the word might have a different original meaning, but when we use the word in a paragraph, we want to convey something else.

  • Note down your learned words.

Making notes is a fundamental part of learning. One should write the learned words in a very separate notebook and revise once per week.

Use pictorial way also instead of just a straightforward sentence. Look at this image of how one must try to note things using images or pictorial representation of their own.


The human mind finds it easier to recall things visually. Pictures are indeed much effective for learning.

  • Install ‘Google dictionary’ on your mobile phone

There are various mobile dictionary applications available on the Play Store. But what I prefer is the ‘Google dictionary’ because it provides a bulk of synonyms, antonyms, and sentences containing the word, as well as meaning in Hindi or other vernacular languages.


Use ‘Define <word>’ to get the precise meaning of the word.

E.g., for the meaning of ‘abrupt,’ search ‘define abrupt’ in Google. You’ll get the result and now, go to the top right corner of the page and add this (dictionary) to your mobile phone by clicking on the ‘Add to home screen’ option.

Disclaimer: Learning new words is a slow process. Learn slow, and you’ll surely glow.