When I joined LPU and was crowned Mr. Freshmen, I was left with an open option to be a part of any modeling team of our university. Back then, there were a bunch of teams that approached me to join them. But I wanted something different for myself, so I decided to do something unique which had never been done before – to start my modeling team.

Now deciding this was easy but to work and take such responsibility was a big role. Anyhow I contacted DSW (Division of Student Welfare) and took details of the students who were interested in modeling and emailed them about the same. I also took some models from FTS (Freshmen Talent Search) where I had performed with them. I started to take auditions for my team. It was a very hectic process to select a few from a lot of students who wanted to join.

After successfully selecting my team participants, the next job was to train them. I taught them all the basics of modeling and ramp walk. With a successful outcome out of it, we were all set to participate in the modeling competition at MMU Ambala. The competition required me to choreograph a themed fashion show with a message. I thought of something unique and interesting, so I thought of having a theme of chess that would depict awareness about racism.

After choreographing the whole show, we were ready for the trails. After giving the trials, we qualified for the competition at MMU and thus became the first team from LPU led by a fresher.

The next step was to take my team to Ambala, now again it was a big responsibility upon my shoulders to take care of everyone including their stay, health, and food. I want to thank all my team members for listening to me and I also want to thank my university for believing in me and giving me such a huge responsibility knowing the fact I was a fresher myself at that time.

After performing at MMU Ambala, I was facilitated for the achievement of Campus Ambassador for coming up with a team from LPU. The performance was widely liked all and I was applauded by everyone from MMU to LPU.

I believe LPU is a place that provides you with wide opportunities in whatever field you want to be in. The university supports all the innovative ideas you have and helps you with them. With all such experiences at LPU, it has surely made me a better person in all aspects.