Are you confused with the title? Let me make it simple, think about that you got a superpower by which you can do all your work, complete all your tasks, excel in all fields that you are passionate about and design your life as per your instant choices. It would be amazing right. But what if I tell you that the superpower is with you all the time locked inside a box in corner of your brain that you never thought about? And you can get all your desired life wishes just by opening the box.

Our mind is designed into two parts: conscious and subconscious.

  • The conscious get trained by what we do, what we learn and work.
  • The subconscious gets trained by what we think, what we observe and how we tackle situations.

The subconscious mind decides your day, activity indirectly and you can’t train or stop it, you can reprogram it by repeating several processes. Here is small to get the key of your locked box to unlock the power of the subconscious and the desired life you want.

Visualizing/ Affirmations

You must have heard about the quote “Fake it till you make it”. The subconscious works on a similar principle. It trains your conscious and gives you that very limited output from yourself from what it observes in your head. Start visualizing your goals and dreams every morning and before going to sleep.

mindIf you want to become an IPS officer visualize yourself in the uniform working in the office if you want to become an entrepreneur or business tycoon visualize yourself working endlessly, doing meetings, running companies. Start saying positive affirmations to you about you. The data that you fill in your subconscious by visualizing, the same level of hard work it will bring out from you to achieve that.


Belief is the most common tool to do the impossible. But not everyone gets the output from it. You will not pass an exam for which you didn’t study just by believing that you will pass. Believe works with visualization.

mindIf you visualize your goals, yourself and then start believing in your work and yourself nothing is going to stop you. Belief has the power to boost your will and support you when no one trusts and stands with you. So, start believing in yourself, your dreams and your passion.

Mediation and exercise

The distractions and lack of speed in our daily tasks come mostly from our thoughts. Mediation is also the most effective way to control and calm your thoughts. Relaxing daily just for 15 minutes and examining yourself under your criteria and goals is the best method for improvement.

mindThinking about your tasks and the way you going to achieve it after mediations clear and commands your subconscious to support in that particular direction. A little bit of physical exercise daily consistently also helps your brain to think clearly and sharper and make you more focused.

Dealing with comparison

Most persons are not able to achieve their fullest because of the general phenomenon of comparison. The more you compare yourself, the more you are inserting low-will, dull data about yourself to your subconscious and the same way you start to act.

mindThe most effective way to stop self-comparison is to define the self-definition of success. If you don’t define your definition, then you will be forever living on another definition which creates a comparison. Define what you want to do in your life, what you want to do uniquely and what makes you happy about your goals.