LPU students continue to make this fraternity proud with each passing day. Another student has finally fulfilled her dream of studying abroad at one of the renowned universities. LPU’s Ph.D. ECE student Dasari Lakshmi Prasanna is pursuing her Ph.D. Research at Telkom University, Indonesia, under LPU’s International Research Exchange Program.

Telkom University is a private institution of higher learning in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Also called Tel-U, it has been named one of Indonesia’s best universities and has been ranked numerous times as the country’s best private institution. Tel-U also made history as the first private university in Indonesia to receive the BAN-“Excellent” PT’s accreditation.

LPU makes sure its students get the finest chances and results possible. Your professional chances may increase if you study abroad, and the experience will be richer and your abilities will improve. From the USA to Singapore, South Korea to France, and Australia to many other nations, LPU has a wide range of international partnerships with famous colleges. Through a variety of LPU initiatives, including the credit transfer and semester exchange programs, many students have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity, assisting them in obtaining a top-notch education.

We wish Dasari Lakshmi Prasanna the heartiest congratulations and all the best in her future endeavors!