In our childhood, we all learned the importance of sports in daily life. But with the hectic schedule and busy life, many of us forgot its importance. On the contrary, many of us find it difficult to manage academics and sports in a balanced manner. For managing both at the same time, one needs to be a highly organized person. You must create a feasible schedule and follow that in a consistent way for better results. It is really tiring to perform a task repeatedly for a long time. Switching tasks can help you feel refreshed and increases your focus on a particular work.

Sports is very necessary for all of us, especially for youngsters as it not only makes us fit but also helps to develop and increase our brainpower and make our memory sharper. Mind games help in increasing logical ability and decrease our decision-making time.

  • Must make a schedule for every weekday, for study as well as for sport and must follow that. Try to make a schedule that is most convenient for you and which you can follow.
  • Motivation is the biggest factor for succeeding in anything. It helps us to stay persistent during difficult times. So, keep motivating others, keep motivating yourself.
  • Make a group of friends containing least 5-6 in the number who are interested in sports and actually managed to spend some time on it. As said, a friend can make you do anything at any cost, and it’s true. They can inspire you to achieve your goals at any instant. Because when you realize you are not just one but a team you don’t feel it as a burden rather you enjoy it.
  • Always remember to add recovery and rest schedule because you need to have enough time to rest and recover from both studies and sport. If we keep on doing a task repetitively without rest or break, in initial days we enjoy doing that but after some days it feels like boring. So, every activity requires proper rest and recovery. So, keep that in mind while making the schedule.
  • Though you are a professional player, do not compromise with the studies at all. Your talent will always keep you ahead of everyone if you are intelligent enough in studies as well.

Sport is a great entertainer and a true sportsperson can handle pressure, manage multiple tasks at a time. The dedication will keep you always ahead.

 “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”