No matter what they say about being a non-celebrator and suddenly switching to a mature grown-up who absolutely abhors the thoughts of a birthday celebration, you know how everybody secretly just loves special birthday surprises. Other than just smashing the cake on the face, there a couple of things which may help you in hosting an outstanding birthday blast.

Create a theme

BirthdayIf you have an enthusiastic squad, you could all come up with a theme which is of the liking of the birthday boy/girl. The decorations, food, dresses, games, and music can be coordinated with the theme of the party. Besides, if a theme is difficult to figure out, you can always go with the favourite colour of the person and use it as the theme of the entire party.

Deciding on a gift

BirthdayAt times, it is hard to find out the perfect gift. To cut the hassle and make it special at the same time, you can put together a sufficient number of little gifts that are useful and adorable. You could add eatable items like chocolates, useful items like a diary, a key chain, a desk organizer or simply a Mug, T-shirt or sketch pens, etc.

A short, spontaneous trip

BirthdayAnywhere is the best place to go and have fun with your friends right by your side. You can plan an excursion to exotic, fun places near you for a bonfire, music and an exclusive sleepover all the while giving the birthday person some major memories and adventures to remember.

Movie Marathon

BirthdayA cosy and comfortable setting with dim lights, just the right sound, plenty of blankets and pillows and your favourite movies are doubtlessly a terrific idea to have a night worth remembering.

Pre-birthday fun

BirthdayFor a more fascinating celebration, you can plan games like a treasure hunt where one clue leads to a gift and another to the other gift and so on. This, by all means, could be a fun way to prepare your friend for the upcoming grand celebration. In addition to this, you can give gifts every hour of the birthday by making unique packaging and little notes for the birthday person.