Although skilled coders are in great demand across the globe, the requirement in organizations and scope for promotion are exceptionally higher for highly productive coders. Productivity is something that we all frequently struggle with within our daily life. While some may grapple with a program the whole day, productive coders will sit in front of the screens for a few hours, complete the tasks, and have the rest of the day for themselves. In contrast, the former will be left out of mood all day long, complaining that coding is stressful.

Furthermore, productive coders can not only deliver products in time but also produce high-quality codes making maintenance and up-gradation hassle-free. But how to increase productivity while coding? Let us find out.

  • Identify and Minimize Distractions.
How to increase Productivity while Coding?

Distractions as insignificant as a smartphone ping are all good to divert our attention and sneak away at least 15, 20 minutes. By the time you are reminded of your work, regain your attention and try to focus on the PC screen, the clock would have moved half an hour clockwise. Identify what distracts you, smartphone being the significant one of them, silence them by turning off useless notifications, and keep it at least two hands away from you. You will notice the difference on your own.

  • Multitasking isn’t a Super Power.
How to increase Productivity while Coding?

Times come when you might be working on a piece of code, at the same time responding to certain emails, drafting articles maybe for your thesis, and listening to a background YouTube video in one of the numerous opened tabs on the browser. With exception to times when deadlines are knocking at the door, in general, multitasking helps nothing but stealing away your time. Separate tasks you might be doing in certain hours one by one may surprisingly consume less time when compared to doing altogether with slightly inefficient multitasking. Try to focus on one job at a time, put your best in it, and then move on to the next. It gives you two-fold benefits: first, you are the most productive when you’re performing one task at a time. Next, you can cut out items from your to-do list one by one, giving you a sense of fulfillment as you progress through your day.

  • Take Short Breaks.
How to increase Productivity while Coding?

Global studies suggest that the human brain can concentrate for about 90 minutes straight before demanding a break. Especially in coding, where you need to constantly churn your brain searching for efficient solutions and stare at the bright screen, a 15 minutes break after every 90 minutes suits the best. Sitting straight for such a long time isn’t rewarding for the body too. So, take a break, stretch your body, get something to eat or drink, or listen to refreshing music before again loading on the chair.

  • Choose the Best IDE and Master it.
How to increase Productivity while Coding?

For every programming language, multiple IDEs exist on the internet to download and work on. If you are a beginner, try the most renowned ones and choose the one which suits you the most. Spend time on it, finding out its shortcuts, and discovering its functionalities. Use tutorials, get some YouTube watch time, and scroll through documentation. Look for snippets and install some effective plugins. As time passes by, you will get more comfortable with your IDE and know your way through it without spending much time searching, making coding effective, fun, and most importantly, productive.