Every ending is itself a new beginning in the journey.

Apparently another semester over, meanwhile freshers got the first prolonged break of their career.

This is December and no doubt, how mesmerizing the weather is! It’s time to enjoy the beautiful season and upcoming festivals with our family and loved ones. This vacation we have two festive days or events- The Christmas (Birth of Jesus Christ) and a New Year 2020 i.e. Start of the new decade.

Schedule the plan with your friends, family but don’t compromise yourself from learning and utilizing the valuable time. Few things to do in this vacation which will help you in getting improved:


Especially for Computer science, IT and Electronics Students. It’s a great time to learn and sharpen their coding skills. You can clarify your doubts, write the program, own algorithm, experiment with a new approach to solve the program, debug.

Winter BreakIn semester we didn’t have time for the experiments in those pre-written codes, now we have spare time to do so. Revision and a good command on programming languages like C, C++, and Python will enhance the chances of getting placed in upcoming placement drives.


Do you remember, you wanted to read that book of that particular writer for a very long time?

Winter BreakE.g. ‘The 5 AM Club’ by ROBIN SHARMA! Yes, this is the time where you can go through these kinds of self-help books, thrillers or novels of your choice.


The demand for Designers in Mechanical Engineering is on peek. Why designing is so important?

Winter BreakThis is because, in industries before the actual manufacturing of any of the products, designers create a prototype CAD Model (Computer-Aided Design) in computers, which makes the analysis quite easier and accurate. After analysis, the alteration in the product becomes easy. The software you can learn online are: SolidWorks, Ansys, CATIA


We hardly get time to read newspapers in our hectic schedule, but being a youth of the country, we are supposed to be aware of the things happenings around us. For example: What is CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019)? What is the Paris Agreement? Why two Union Territories (Daman Diu & Dadra and Nagar Haveli) got merged?

Winter BreakCurrent affairs and general awareness will surely help you in group discussion (GD) during placement drives.


We have plenty of time this vacation; get up early in the morning and try a morning walk.
Morning walk makes you cool, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Winter BreakI know we haven’t witnessed the scene of chirping of the birds, yellow morning sunlight and that cold breeze, from a long time. This is the time to do so.

Time is expensive, use wisely.