About a decade ago, no one could have envisioned the heights to which Computer Science will rise, perhaps not even a year ago. It seems like sorcery beyond belief. What’s out of the ordinary is that on top of a heavy, offbeat, full-time course at Lovely Professional University, students be at the helm of their games and still weather the storm to craft ingenious apps like Presentation Management System (PMS), Bharat Meet, Suraksha Kawach, etc.

Here goes the tale of another Vertos! With twenty-one in the past, Lovely Professional University Verto Rahul Kumar, pupil to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, rendered an android application named “Realtime video call.” It’s a free application that facilitates video conferences, chatting functionality with emojis & stickers, up to 90+ members at once

LPU Verto Rahul Kumar crafted a Realtime video calling app!

Download the “Realtime video call” app via:


Users can sign in via their email ID, share their secret codes with whomsoever they want, and hop on a high-quality video calling experience. Perhaps, this app might be the key to “democratize education” in this COVID-19 era.

To put it another way, in an atrociously disconnected age like 2022, an app like this could be fruitful as an attempt to help build meaningful connections. Such an app can be a boon for introverts, as mentally, you feel like an outcast when trying to approach unknown people, but “Realtime” is really private. The story ends with your handset, and no one else can ever know.

Building an app requires copious amounts of time, dedication, and motivation. We’re talking anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 9+ months, and certainly not easy! There’s no measure to the level of dedication it calls for. Putting forward an up & running prototype is one thing, and getting it consumer-ready is another mare’s nest. There are not just innumerable steps; the extent of mental prowess that optimization calls for is in a class of its own. So, Lovely Professional University appreciates Rahul Kumar for his positive efforts and wishes him luck in his future endeavors.