Creative writing is a thought that we stretch and write into a self-express outlet. If we talk about creative writing, it can be fiction, non-fiction, a poem or an endless list of writing. The major part of creative writing is to think from the reader’s point of view, how they will perceive our topics or stories. The most difficult part of creative writing is to put into simple and easy language. Some of the easy techniques and ideas for creating writing are down below.

Make notes

writeThe word “creative” means an innovation or out of the box. Some thoughts just strike in our minds or at times, some ideas reveal nowhere or anywhere, so we must always be ready to capture our thoughts into notes because every time we can’t go for brainstorming. In this modern era, we don’t even need to carry a pen or paper notes, we just need to track our thoughts and write them into our phone notes.


Research the background

writeWhenever you choose a particular subject or topic, a good writer always goes for research, so that they can make the most creative and effective blog for their viewers. You can even go out and talk with people about their views and perspective about the topic. Whenever you research, note down all the valid and invalid thoughts that strike on your mind and later on you can fix or shift according to your topic.


Plan a mind map

writeDrawing a mind map will help you to draw a perfect picture of your writing. The simplest way to make your story look perfect is 5W and 1H, which mean who, what, when, where, why and how. This method will help your content to be on track as well as you would not miss any details about your topic.

A creative writer should always be passionate and goal-oriented about his/her write-ups. For creative writing, we can even break the rules of our write-ups and try for the new mixer. He/she should always play with ideas, it will help them to connect ideas and write the best out of it.