Writers are an endowment to human society. It is apt to say that pen is mightier than the sword‘, as writers could literally change the thought process and perspective of masses, just through the message they deliver in their writings. After all, ‘writings’ are a mode of communication, where within, a writer is the speaker and readers are his listeners. The only difference is that both are far apart from each other. Isn’t that wizardly? Writers are an influencer. If you wish to become a writer, then it is your chore to hand over quality content to your readers, as the repercussions of reading your penned down thoughts could be both revolutionary as well as cataclysmic!

Here are some attributes of a good writer :

  • Constant Observer: ‘Observation’ is the mark of a good writer. You must create a habit of learning at least something new daily, from your surroundings. Wherever you go, your environs teach you something novel and you must note it down. Cause you never know, the daily incidents happening around you end up into an interesting plot. So never shut your eyes to something you think is of no use, always have a keen eye on your vicinity. And today, in the aeon of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you can even observe things beyond your proximity and learn something fresh.


  • Bantam Details: a good writer is not known for his voluminous pages, rather the minuscule details he puts in his work, makes him unique. If you wish to write a story, you must include the pee-wee detailing, to make it more lively, relatable and interesting. The five senses are the nuts and bolts of any story. Including time, color, taste, sounds, smell, location, body postures, directions, and dimensions; could really enhance your story. It makes your imagination look more realistic to your audience as they create a virtual image of the description you provided in the story.


  • Psychologist: A writer’s job doesn’t end by submitting the articles before the deadline, there’s a lot more than that. It should be in your conscience that you are handling a human mind and it can’t be tricked easily. Your content should have something ‘gripping’ or else your readers might get bored, reading the same version of you, again and again. Don’t change your style, but also don’t repeat it. Set a benchmark for yourself. Human brains are too tough to decode, and if you want to leave an everlasting impact on your reader, you must have some basic knowledge of human psychology, emotions, response to various stimuli and a ‘general’ thought process of masses.


  • Language: A writer must have a good command of language. Just like sound can’t travel in a vacuum, thoughts too can’t be delivered through improper language, grammar, and vocabulary. Your words need not be too complicated; simple and correct language with quality content could also win hearts. The reader shouldn’t feel labyrinthine while reading your articles. For instance, it will get frustrating for a reader, if he has to fish out the meanings of every other complex word, you incorporated in the article. So try to keep the language plain and smooth, with proper grammar and correct usage of tenses. Or else your wrong use of ‘tenses’ might make your own audience ‘tensed’!


  • Reader: A good writer is a great reader. Just like any other profession, if one wishes to become a successful writer, the latter should appreciate the work of the legends. And one can appreciate others work, only by studying it and never copying it. Same goes for amateur writers, whichever genre you are interested to write, you must read the work of it’s Masters. Only a legend’s work can give you tips to improve your thought process and perspective. But always nail down the rules ie never be a copycat.’ Do you know when you start copying other’s works, what actually you are doing? You are just rewriting other’s thoughts and shutting down your own thinking factory. Thereafter you start losing your uniqueness. Thus, make a habit of reading with a sole motive to learn. Learn a language, grammar, vocabulary, detailing and the most important, ‘message’ delivered through it.


  • The X Factor: The most important attribute of a good writer is his uniqueness. You must have the X-Factor, which makes you stand out from the rest. Cause every successful writer, had one thing in common: an ‘unorthodox thought process.’ There are a million writers with a zillion thoughts, sailing in the same boat, but only a few surf the ocean of success. What makes ‘them’ different from others? The X-Factor. One who delivers meaningful content with a ‘never heard before’ plot and a message, strong enough to influence the mass; enjoys the taste of victory in the lap of luxury!