Writing blogs, content or to pen down your thoughts is an art. It feels good to share your experiences and observations with others in writing. One way to do that is via college blog. It paves a path for the readers to learn something new, something extra from every written piece.

Why One Should Write

  • Get to learn how to express things

Sometimes we know that we know, but it’s quite hard to express it in words. It’s only by practice and by writing the pieces of stuff we learn how to express the thoughts using the right words. By writing things regularly, it becomes easier to convey a thought or feeling, in words.

  • Make and rectify grammatical errors

When we write/type the article on MS Word we often make mistakes of Punctuations. In addition to Punctuation mistakes, MS Office also underlines the misspelt and grammatical incorrect words, which we remove by its inbuilt feature. The best part is that every mistake we make teaches us how to use a comma, hyphen, apostrophe, etc. at the correct place, making the sentence grammatically correct and more meaningful.

Those who have a passion for writing and want to make a career in it or they look at writing as their professional hobby, writing for college blog can be the start for them, to achieve milestones. Lovely Professional University’s Writing Platform is “Happenings@LPU’ where students can get their articles published.

Benefits of Writing for the University

  • Updated

Every day a lot of activities are going around on the campus. The activity conducted in Block 34 can’t be enjoyed by the students of Block 55, as they are unaware. Hence, by writing the event-related articles you can provide a glimpse of the event to the rest of the students who haven’t attended the seminar/event for some reason.

  • Earn Money

Yes, maybe you are currently smiling while reading this; it’s true. You can earn some money only by writing articles.

  • Get Appreciation Certificate

You will get a certificate from the university on the behalf of Happenings@LPU, which further can be added to your CV or Resume.

  • Gain Popularity

Every author gets a separate profile of their name on the Happenings platform. All the articles of the author can be viewed anytime. It is a feeling of honor to have a separate profile section on a platform like this.

What else do you want?

Well, indeed, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but no one is a born writer.

Have patience. Try to write well. Join Happenings!