Assessing on the social impact of robotics technology, Ministry of Human Resource Development (Government of India) has launched an online Task Based Training (TBT) flagship project ‘e-Yantra’, under the control of IIT Bombay. On successful completion of the online training of this project, six teams of LPU, comprising 23 faculty members working in different engineering domains, are awarded with cash prizes & certificates. For this, one robotic kit ‘Firebird V Robot’ was also provided to each of the team members to use it in different phases of task based training. With this achievement, LPU is on the verge of setting up a Robotics Laboratory at LPU campus for all the training and procedures stipulated by IIT-Bombay, under the directions of MHRD.
This MHRD project is through the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) to spread embedded systems and robotics education in institutions across India. Divided in three parts, e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) is a holistic approach to impart theoretical and programming knowledge to teachers through workshops; to provide hands-on experience to teachers through an online Task Based Training (TBT); and, to further help institutions set up their own ‘Robotics labs’ for students and future generations.
Congratulating all the faculty members, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal further inspired them to continue with such glorious achievements for the better development of the students and the nation as a whole. LPU ‘eYantra Team’, based on 4 Assistant Professors at LPU School of Polytechnic- Sonu K Singh,  Ishan Luthra, Anita Sharma and Abhay Bhandari,  has won Class A  award; LPU team of School of Computer Applications has won Class C Award; and, successful ‘TBT Completion Certificates’ have been awarded to the other 4 teams of LPU. LPU School of Human Resource Development had forwarded the prestigious opportunity to LPU faculty members for their self and further students’ development on time-needed skills. Hundreds of teachers from tens of regions and scores of institutions with their teams had participated in the training event, where all the six teams of LPU emerged successful with requisite bonus marks.
In fact, the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) leverages the potential of ICT, in teaching and learning process for the benefit of all the learners in ‘Higher Education Institutions’ in anytime anywhere mode.