It’s said very often that if you work hard, you will succeed. But does it mean only hard work will be enough? For me, working hard is just one side of the coin. Besides hard work, you need someone who can drive you towards the right path and tell you the right direction to put your energy in.

I am Kumar Samrat, who experienced this after joining this university. I joined LPU in 2012 for pursuing B.Com (Prof.) + MBA. Until the time I joined LPU, I was just a student who was always average throughout my schooling and 2 years of college life. So, this was something I had accepted and started living with that I will always be an average boy not only in terms of the studies but in every aspect.

But, after joining the campus, I got the opportunity to explore myself as well as opportunities that came my way. It was a whole new experience for me because it was the first time I was out of my state and was meeting people from different states and countries.

So, the second phase of my life had already started. I was very curious and of course was very much afraid of the fact that I am not good with my studies and my parents are spending a lot just to see their son doing good in his studies.

So this pressure really worked for me and for the first time in my life, I topped in my class. This was a really a great experience for me which boosted me for more. I was very careful about my studies. There came a time when I, who was just an average boy, started teaching and guiding all my classmates.

Slowly, my hard work started making me and my parents feel proud of me.

It was the 6th semester of my B.Com(Prof.) course when I met the person I will always be thankful to. He is “Mr. Ajay Singh Chandel”, one of the best faculty I have ever met. He used to teach us “Strategy”.

When I met him, I had already established myself as a good student. And my hard work had already given me the recognition among the faculty members and my mates but that was just the academic part.

Mr. Ajay Singh Chandel has played a key role in making me more confident and more expressive. He was very much sure about the way he used to bring confidence in his students. He used to call us and make us present different subject-related topics in front of the class.

For me, I was a good student as I was scoring good in every exam and test but when it came to addressing the audience, I was not sure whether I could do it or not. One day, I somehow managed to stand and take the charge. I addressed the class and discussed one topic and the response from Mr. Ajay Sir was something that stayed in my mind. His words were “Look at the boy, he stood up and just delivered the lecture perfectly. Very well”.

This was something which encouraged me to stand up every day and deliver some topic in the class. This was a great experience for me because, when you see that you are taking the charge and everybody out there is listening to you not because someone forced them to listen but because you are delivering something important and in a way that binds them.

This was another turn for me which enriched me with the confidence to address the crowd.

It’s not that I never got the opportunity to do so before but the way Mr. Ajay Chandel Sir motivated me made me more confident. I was working hard earlier too but he was the one who gave direction to my energy and my effort. From there, I decided to move to some extracurricular activities under Mr  Ajay Singh Chandel who was also the cultural coordinator of our School of Business. Under him, I became a part of many activities and succeeded in most of them. Being a boy who was once an average performer and had lost his confidence, I was now the topper in my class and was also doing really good in extracurricular activities. This was really a big achievement for me.

For that, of course, it was my hard work which paid off but I think Mr. Ajay Chandel also played a crucial role as he helped me explore myself and supported me at every step.

Not to forget, there was one more person who was also always there for me, my best friend Ashutosh Singh. I, Ajay Sir and Ashutosh shared a very strong bond and it was the best thing which happened to me in LPU.

I still remember the words which Mr. Ajay Chandel Sir told me and which boosted me for putting in more effort. Those words are neither washed off my T-shirt nor from my mind. His words were “I never told you before, but you are one of my best students”.

These words are heard often but for me, they changed the way I thought of myself and really helped me to be better than what I was.

So in the end, according to my experience, your hard work pays off but to be successful, one needs the right direction which can come from anyone. Not necessarily from your teacher but from anyone.

Thank you for reading!







Kumar Samrat
B.Com(Prof.) + MBA, 2016


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