I found it relatively easy to decide which course to do, it was where to go which I found harder to decide, but when I was introduced to LPU, I knew this was it. With a well-designed campus and a detailed and thorough B.Tech Mechanical Engineering degree, I knew instantly I would fit in perfectly.

LPU has given me the opportunity to build the foundation of my professional life, piece by piece, and also allowed me to develop and strengthen my personal development throughout my time here. In this friendly, multicultural environment I have found great lifelong friends, and now I have a family outside of home.

Being surrounded and taught by knowledgeable professors and mentors granted me the chance of a lifetime to polish up my skills and learn more as a young enthusiast. They push me to challenge myself and always strive for more. This has been the most important and meaningful part of my journey at LPU.

When moving from one place to another, or as in my case, moving from one state to another, you’re bound to experience cultural differences. I too had such experiences and it took me some time to get used to the way the things work in Punjab. But one of the biggest advantages of LPU is that it’s a hub of culture. Thanks to this we all adapt into one unified culture, a culture that I lovingly call as the LPU culture.

It’s all about finding the right group of people. I was lucky, for in my case, it was not I who went searching for my squad, but rather my squad that found me. And it doesn’t have to be the people who belong to your same state or speak the same language as you speak. For me a cultural barrier was never a problem, for my friends were always there with me and we always communicated, no matter which state or country we belonged to.

LPU is one such campus where you’ll constantly find yourself immersed in one or another activity. This factor has helped me greatly and has also played a major role in keeping my mind occupied. From the very first day, I had the privilege of joining one of many of organisations which were present in LPU. LPU has helped me a lot. It has helped me find my passion, my drive and also has given me a platform where I can thoroughly express myself.

Life at LPU has been fun, adventurous and a constant learning experience. I have and will keep learning more and more, not only about career and work but also about life and the importance of morals, principles and the value of relationships. It’s not always fun and exciting when it’s time to get serious and study, LPU has provided us with the ideal environment and space to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. LPU has taught me that hard work, consistency, perseverance and patience is the true key to success.

Travelling 1300 miles just so that I can pursue my education doesn’t seem a like a bad idea now, does it?

My Journey at LPU








Yadhu Krishna Menon
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering 2017 – 2021