Changes your travel experience entirely

Foreign LanguageIf you know the speech of the native place you are visiting, you’ll find it easier to communicate and talk to people. For instance, if you want to ask for directions and the locals there don’t really know the language, it would be beneficial for you if you know the language. Also, you’ll be able to read their prices and won’t get ripped.

Able to pronounce names in a better way

Foreign LanguageTrust me no one likes when you pronounce his or her names wrong. Knowing the foreign language will help you pronounce their names correctly or at least pretty close to being correct.

Opens new job opportunities

Foreign LanguageKnowing an extra language definitely adds up to your CV. It adds value to your existing skills. If you know a foreign language, you can open your own classes, people put their kids and pay high fees to teach them something extra. You can get the job of a translator in huge companies. It makes your CV more attractive and will make you stand out from other candidates, increasing the chances of your selection.

Makes a good impression on people

Foreign LanguageIt makes people notice you if you are a foreigner speaking their language. They like it when you communicate with them in their own language. It makes you appear friendly and genial. Think of yourself, won’t you find it comforting and affectionate if someone talks to you in your own language?

Makes it easier to manage in other countries

Foreign LanguageThere are many countries in the world where people speak in their own languages rather than English and surviving in such countries is very arduous. You must at least know some come lines like “My name is this.” Or “I need the directions to go someplace.” Knowing even a bit of what people are saying might be helpful for you in foreign countries.