Lovely Professional University has a long-standing reputation for delivering sublime professional education. Its home to some of India’s finest schools, including Mittal School of Business, School of Agriculture, School of Law, but at the heart of it remains the School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering, which happens to be the kingpin of all the majestic placements on campus.

Cruising forward with this legacy, Lovely Professional University’s prodigies Samiran Roy (B.Tech. ECE) and Himanshu Kumar (B.Tech. CSE) from the class of 2022 got placed with E-commerce giant Amazon.comInc. at a whopping super dream package of 46.4 Lakhs., Inc., often dubbed the most influential economic & cultural powerhouse, is an American multinational tech firm specializing in e-commerce, cloud technology, OTT, and AI & ML.

Lovely Professional University is often a preferred recruiting destination for Fortune 500 companies, and since a significant chunk of Vertos placed on campus is at lucrative CTCs, we feel empowered to enrich our curriculum & provide the best experience to Vertos on campus. Programs at Lovely Professional University are tailored as per corporate requirements to facilitate Vertos, an exquisite learning experience that involves both theoretical & practical aspects. Participation in all sorts of extracurricular activities, starting from international sports to E-sports to hackathons, moot courts, etc., is encouraged as it assists in developing soft skills and shaping a charming personality.

Moreover, Lovely Professional University believes in merit, so most Vertos have proven themselves multiple times, first at the school level and subsequently on national level exams like JEE, NEET, and LPU-NEST. Most faculties at Lovely Professional University are PhDs from elite institutions like IITs, NITs, IIMs, etc., with several patents on their name and are actively involved in research & journal publications. These were the attributes that Lovely Professional University has refined over the years, which make Vertos prized employees in the corporate sector.