In India, the film industry, combined with the notion of “strategic narratives,” is known to produce meanings. In the past few years, performing arts has become a vibrant and dynamic avenue for creative innovation and social discussion, with enhanced contrast. Lovely Professional University’s Department of Journalism, Films & Creative Arts curriculum offers you the intriguing opportunity to elevate your creative competencies and critical-thinking abilities at the same time, in association with internationally renowned directors, by integrating practical studio training in theatre, dance, and new media technologies with the study of historical interpretation and principles of performance.

Yet again, on the 16th of April 2022, Lovely Professional University’s Television and Film Production students had an incredible opportunity to interact with Ms. Egle Vertelyte, international Screenwriter and Director, for a rigorous Screenplay Writing Workshop.

Lithuanian screenwriter & director Ms. Egle Vertelyte's ensnaring visit to LPU's campus!

Ms. Egle Vertelyte is a scenarist & director based out of Lithuania. She studied at the European Film College, Denmark, after concluding her bachelor’s in history at Vilnius University, where she produced a few of her first short films. She flew to Mongolia in 2009 to shoot her documentary “UB LAMA,” which’s about a 12 years old Mongolian boy who’s stuck between contemporary trends & traditions, aspirations & poverty and later ends up choosing to be a Buddhist monk! In 2012, she earned a Master’s degree in screenwriting from UK’s prestigious National Film & Television School. Her first feature film, “Miracle,” debuted at the 2017s Toronto International Film Festival. Such interaction exposes creative Vertos to the changing industry trends and also honed their skills with the experts.

Lovely Professional University’s School of Journalism, Films & Creative Arts is the epicenter for a broad assortment of thought-provoking masterclasses and guest lectures welcoming industry pioneers, artists, and visionaries to share their insights on divergent performing arts specialties. Whether you choose to practice for an on-stage career or off-stage behind the scenes or further your education in one of the world’s most prestigious universities, Lovely Professional University is for you!