Along with many scores of countries worldwide; Lovely Professional University, too, observed and celebrated the 8th edition of the International Yoga Day 2022 at its campus with thousands of students, staff members. Hundreds of NSS volunteers and NCC cadets of 8 Punjab Battalion from schools all across the state of Punjab, who are camping at the LPU campus, also participated in the occasion.

Observing the International Yoga Day 2022 theme- ‘Yoga for Humanity‘, the participants performed various yoga exercises and activities towards better health and wellness for self and to guide all others across the globe.

International Yoga Day 2022

In this regard, LPU had specially invited wellness coach & full time trainer with the Art of Living institution, Rahul Singh from Mumbai for streamlining the prestigious international yoga day at the campus.

International Yoga Day 2022

Provided guidance for power yoga, hatha yoga, therapeutic yoga in relation to problems like heart disease, diabetes, yoga for fitness & weight loss, prenatal & post-natal yoga, vinyasa, pranayam, meditation and more; he also guided about restoring and rebalancing breathing while being involved in various works, assigned duties and tasks.

Congratulating all participants, LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Mittal shared: “Physical fitness is of utmost importance for all in this fast progressing and developing era. Yoga is indeed a great boon to entire humanity.  In fact, the yogic exercises contain a universal approach to health and well-being which further balances our mind, body and soul. Make these an essential part of your daily life.”

In fact, LPU celebrates ‘International Yoga Day’ every year at the campus for making its students physically and psychologically fit to further undertake global responsibilities with strong leadership skills.