Live a Balanced University Life


“All work and no play makes a person dull.”

It is true that life needs to have a balance to it, but nowadays, the saying is either misinterpreted or not considered in the right way.

Let’s take this saying in the context of university or college students. University /college is a place where an individual sets their goals so as to become something worthy in life. Setting those goals, whatever they maybe doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a little fun and leisure to your days, but students tend to want to go beyond what fun is and end up forgetting why and what they are in university for.

Some students even go to an extent of ruining their futures, by dropping out of school, because they are in a state of too much euphoria from a clouded perception of what they consider “fun.”

University/college life is supposed to be a place where we experience new things and find ourselves, but for some students, university becomes a place where they lose themselves in what they consider “Peer pressure.”

Personally, I feel peer pressure does not exist, because no one can force you into doing something that you are not willing to do, unless you wanted to do it from the beginning, but never had the courage to. Peer pressure is a poor excuse for one being too much of a coward to admit they did something willingly.

University/college life must not be a student’s downfall or worst nightmare, but in reality that is exactly what happens to the weak minded. Some students who are able to find themselves, after getting lost are the bravest, because from getting lost they gained strength and closed the door firmly on the wrongs which they must never be judged for, because no one is perfect.

As students, let’s use wisely the time we have in university/college, because there are many people out there in the world who would do anything just to have the privilege of getting an education. Let’s work and play equally. Just like the “Yin Yang,” both sides need to be balanced, so as to have a purposeful, enjoyable life.