Paying full attention to the lecture is very important for your own good. You can call it as delayed gratification because if you study well during the lecture, you won’t have to burn the midnight oil during the exams. There are times when we get bored and can’t focus and then don’t even study that topic later. Better to study in class. Here are some of the best tips to stay awake and focused on a lecture:

Sleep well the night before

focusGetting a sound sleep at night is important for the healthy functioning of your body and the brain. Lack of sleep will make you drowsy for the entire day and keeping you distracted from the lecture.

Interact with your teacher

focusAsk the teacher your doubts from the topic being taught by him/her at the moment or ask them to explain the part again if you missed or didn’t understand entirely. This way, at that moment, the teacher will have his/her full attention on you and you too will be utterly focused.

Make notes


Making notes of the lecture will help you to focus on. Besides this, you will have your own handwritten notes, which are known to be the best source to study during the exams as you will lay more emphasis on those topics that you find hard to understand.

Stay hydrated

focusDrink water frequently if you feel bored or exhausted. Lack of water in your system can make your muscles fatigue.

Sit straight

focusSit with your back straight, else you’ll get dozy. Don’t bend forward or rest your face on your hands. Don’t stay within your comfort zone while in the class. Move a bit out of your comfort zone otherwise, you will be asleep for sure and eventually miss the entire lecture.

Chew gums

focusThis is for the extreme case only i.e. when you are feeling sleepy and can’t focus, and all the other options are out of the way as eating anything during the class is not a good habit. Chewing the gum before class might help you to stay awake by making you do a light muscular exercise of your mouth.