On 15th October 2020, Priyanka Kasture the founder of Machine Learning India, India’s leading social media-driven machine learning community came live on Instagram to interact with the students of Lovely Professional University.

The session started by welcoming with warm wishes. On asked about how is she dealing with the pandemic, she answered that it was difficult at first but later on made up her mind and was able to cope up with it. She is an introvert so she kept herself busy doing work.

Priyanka Kasture explained Machine Learning in a layman’s terminology that there are certain things for which we cannot write a program or code and that’s where we write algorithms to make it work which is simply ML. When asked about the future of ML in India she said that India has a lot of opportunities because of the population. The population itself is the biggest opportunity for India. A talented workforce is possible because we have plenty no of people who are interested in machine learning.

Talking about job losses, she said that we must give time for this particular field i.e machine learning to mature in India because India is not as welcoming as other countries to accept new technologies. And it is not completely about job losses but instead, the nature of jobs may change because ML cannot replace everything.

She explained that there is a lot of difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. AI is like building an entire entity and ML is like building models around it. Math is important because even big companies build codes with complicated math. Good accuracy with less data is actual Al but very few companies focus and work on this point. She said that there are plenty of applications on Al coming as in generative AI are picking a pace, AI used in generating musical symphonies, healthcare sector where initially people are confined only to x-rays but today we use AI to do drug discoveries and whatnot even hackers use AI.

On asked about what a fresher should learn to build his/her career in AL or ML, she suggested them to learn R programming or Python but preferably Python because it is widely used in all sorts of industries. And to get into ML one must brush up on math. Get a good hold on python and math. Experiment with different courses. Get a handful of good certifications and a cloud certification would hold a good value. Start working on projects because projects are the proofs to the recruiters that you have done some work. Most important while doing a project is that don’t look for regular problem statements instead look for unique datasets.