“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

Another evening with another benchmarking event by LPU. The University excels in every field, whether it may be education, sports, placements, or terms of grand events. Today it was yet another normal evening for other people but was a very delightful and most awaited evening for the vertos of LPU. The sensational musician of India joined LPU once again for another musical evening for the vertos. She is the finest and exceptional singer of the nation, Tulsi Kumar.

She joined the live session with LPU for the second time during this pandemic period. Previously she joined and thrilled the vertos with her soothing voice and left the audience with a promise to visit again. But no one thought that this promise was going to be fulfilled soon. So this time she joined the live session with a special purpose. She launched her song “Tanhaai” on the official Instagram handle of Lovely Professional University. The song has already crossed 20 million-plus views in 24 hours after its launch on YouTube on 30th October.

In the session, she shared how she and her team planned and executed the song that took 4 months for bringing it onscreen. Through this video song, she shared the message that we should not turn our path of life to another direction because of some incident that took place long back as there are a lot of things that happen for a reason and it’s our responsibility to put a smile on the face and keep on moving. We should always look towards the positive end of life and never be negative about it. She even advised the vertos to be chill and positively take the situations.

The journey she has made in the Indian Musical Industry proved that hard work and dedication can let you achieve even more than something you dreamt of. “Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein” was especially sung by Tulsi ma’am for the vertos and thereafter she sang “Tanhaai” that filled the virtual platform with thousands of hearts and lovely comments.

At the end of the session, she gave a small message to the vertos,

“Keep doing what you are doing. Be very positive in life. Never allow any of the situations to distract you from your journey towards the destination as nothing is more important than your passion. Do love yourself and whatever you do. Be a go-getter and achieve things in life.”

Mr. RJ Roshan was invited to host this amazing live session with Tulsi Kumar. He shared his previous tour to LPU and said “The College is a full power” after looking at all the facilities and infrastructure provided by the University to its students.

The event made every individual fall in love with her voice and learn a few precious lessons too. If you haven’t watched the session do visit: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHAI8rCnsps/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link