Mastering new skills are not optional in today’s business environment. In a fast-moving, competitive world, being able to learn new skills is one of the keys to success. It’s not enough to be smart — you need to always be getting smarter.

In line with this, OASIS has created platforms at different levels of various zones covering from web-seminars, art, and cultural competition to the reality show.

1. Ethical hacking and cybersecurity by Indian Cyber-Security Solutions.

skill improvement event

This webinar helped students to enhance their skills in cyberspace. In today’s global technological environment it has become necessary for every individual to have a little knowledge about how devices get hacked and how to stay safe. This Webinar not only supported students to develop the skill of ethical hacking but also guided them the Career opportunity they can have in this field. It even provided them with an opportunity to serve as their Campus Representative.

2. Coding Orientation

skill improvement event

By learning new skills we enhance our knowledge, so to amplify that knowledge Oasis organized a coding session for all our vertos and for students who are in this field and are not a part of LPU. The session turned out to be filled with lots of information concerning solving problems efficiently and gave the attendees an idea about how to enhance their skills. To mugging up, codes in classrooms are far better than to understand it before applying. With this thought, Mr. Kartik Mathur, instructor and product engineer at Coding Blocks conveyed his skill to the coding aspirants.

3. How to crack GATE

skill improvement event

The webinar with the founder of Gate Smashers was amazing. It not only helped the students to know the secret tips and tricks to crack the gate exam but also gave them life lessons to live a life full of skills. Mr. Varun Singhla, Founder of Gate Smashers led the students to learn something that was beyond their course syllabus.

4. Mastering the art of cracking dream companies

skill improvement event

This webinar was indeed the most helpful and productive webinars. Mr. Shashank Mishra was the resource person invited for the webinar who has already worked with big brands like McKinsey and Company, and with Paytm. Presently is a Data Engineer at Amazon and runs his YouTube channel “E-learning bridge.” This webinar led the big tech aspirants to know about how and what to focus on to get into these giants and even provided them with a clear idea about the difficulties that arise after a person joins them.

5. Technology and Entrepreneurship webinar

skill improvement event

This webinar provided the attendees with a brief idea about the difficulties that one will face as they start a start-up. It even helped the students know how to deal with the upcoming difficulties in the journey of life when you decide to start your own company. The resource person for this webinar was Mr. Kirubakaran Reddy, Founder, and CEO of Expertshub.

Skills cannot be bounded in any specific form, so are our events that cannot be bounded in one direction. We are extending our arms in different zones and thus we are also learning new skills in the process. To keep up the learning process a lot more such types of webinars and events are on the way to come. To know about it and for joining the sessions do visit: