The student-teacher relation is a peculiar bond of all. In ancient Indian culture, a teacher was a prime belief, a paragon of virtue and a profound personality worth worshipping. In the 21st century, a teacher is an academic professional, knowledge inducing intellect and a firm believer in every student’s life. Magically their role, contribution and what they mean to the world remains the same. Well, what makes a teacher a tremendous persona? Yes, it’s a student and his ravishing success, but how do even one get there? If you are a college-going student then you must first learn how to build a good relationship with your professor.

Step out and introduce yourself

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Many students hesitate to introduce themselves,  be it in class or outside the class. Throwing yourself out of the professor’s site is a terrible idea. You can end up missing a golden chance to make an impression. First impressions last long. So, stand up, start with your name and end with your aim. Show the right temperament when presenting yourself. Be clear, precise and persuasive all the time.

Prepare, participate and prevail

Relationship With Professors

In the first place, there can be 100+ students in a class which implies competition. The 3P method is to keep the attention of the professor. For this, continuous effort is a must. Thoroughly prepare the topics and effectively participate in the class, attentively listen to others and meticulously respond. In the end, you could prevail as one of the hot favourites in the class.

Always see-through their appreciations

Relationship With Professors

More than anybody else a professor recognizes the real talent of a student. Remember, professors are professionals; they possess great experience and lots of business contacts. When appreciated, take it seriously and try to work hard on your personality. Keep your efforts visible, improve your grades and likewise your capabilities. Always ask them for advice, open up about your professional interest and seek reference. They can possibly help you with an internship in the industry.

Be kind and respectful

Relationship With Professors

Attitude reflects one’s morals and the background they come from. It’s rightly said that a person with the right attitude gains all the riches in the world. Perhaps every professor would want to see that attitude in his/her students. All your talent and potential get dusted with the wind if you are rude and indecent. Respectful nature is more welcoming and attractive. Sometimes having empathy towards the elderly professors and helping them would mark an inevitable impression.

The best teacher award

Relationship With Professors

In all honesty, this is something that should and must come from the heart. If you’re so touched and motivated by a professor then do state it to them. They deserve it, it will make them extremely happy and proud. Lastly, try to keep in touch with them. They would love to hear from you.