It has been eight months away from our beloved Lovely Professional University and its beautiful campus; life has come to a standstill. I never knew that I am going to miss my university enormously. Life is unpredictable; we cannot plan according to our wishes and wills, that’s what happened with the pandemic as well. It came unannounced and derailed our everyday chorus of work.

I remember when I was at LPU, everything was so subtly beautiful and peaceful but corona proved otherwise. I remember how cleaned and well organized our scholar rooms were. There was an unusual setting that arrested attention. I miss the presence of my hostel life, my room which was as clean as snow. Life was so beautiful there.  

I cannot get over the rustic smell of coffee that oozed from the mini coffee machines of our university, the aroma of well-cooked dishes still reverberate in the lobes of my mind, mouth-watering sweets and deliciously made pizzas. I recollect and cherish how I used to roam around the university mall.

Everything was magical. Life was busy but it was worth it. I still look back to the day I was impelled by the virus to leave my university, I walked off with a sombre face and I carried a hope within the corridors of my heart that I shall be back. There is an immense hope of going back to such a place that radiates energy, stimulation and above all forces us to work harder.

Pandemic made me realize how special and beautiful my university is. I am glad that I know the worth of my university now and cannot wait to be back to my university that emanates positivity and warmth.