Every now and then some incidents draw an impact on the globe, and it becomes of particular significance when two most powerful nations are involved with it. We are talking about the recent 2+2 dialogue between India and the US held in New Delhi on 27th October. You may all have heard of news related to the dialogue and would have heard of the historic agreement signed between two of them but would have wondered about what they are so here I am going to brief you about this 2+2 dialogue.

What is 2+2 dialogue

It is a dialogue/meeting between defense and foreign ministers (or secretaries) of two countries thus getting its name 2+2 dialogue. Apart from the US, India also holds this type of dialogue with Japan and Australia. This type of dialogue enables the countries to bring forth and discuss several security issues with their respective counterparts.

The recent dialogue was the third between India and the US with the first being held in 2018. Defense minister Rajnath Singh and Foreign minister Dr. S. Jaishankar met Dr. Mark T. Esper and Michael R Pompeo respectively. The most important deal inked between the two was BECA.


BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement) enables the exchange of geospatial data like detailed maps, aeronautical charts collected from a wide variety of sources like satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), etc. It will help to improve the precision of missile strikes by India even thousands of kilometers away as a result of accurate data from the network of US satellites.

Experts regard it as a crucial step in the deepening of defense ties between two countries because this agreement displays the US intention to make India one of its major defense partners. This comes at a time when China is trying to exert its economic and military influence on South Asia. The recent violent standoff with China at Galway Valley is an apt example. All the major powers of the world (especially the US) are worried about Chinese aggression and India is looked upon as a nation that can restore and maintain power-balance in South Asia.

What else was talked

Apart from BECA, there were many different agreements like cooperation on COVID-19, MoU on Technical Cooperation in Earth Sciences, condemnation of every form of cross border terrorism, extend the duration of MoU on Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership, etc.

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