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Tag: Food Joints

LPU Campus

Lovely Professional University – a place to cherish

It has been eight months away from our beloved Lovely Professional University and its beautiful campus; life has come to a standstill....
Safest campus

You won’t find a more dynamic campus than this!

LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY! The name is sufficient enough to turn many heads. Spreading over an area of nearly 700 acres, it is...
Carnival: Heartbeat of YouthVibe 2020

Carnival: Heartbeat of YouthVibe 2020

Looking for a place to feel the rhythm or to hang out with your gang at YouthVibe 2020, India’s largest global open...
Food and Hostelers

Food and Hostelers: A Never-Ending Combat

All of us know that nutritional food is a requirement as much as air and water for a healthy life. However, it doesn't seem...
Food Joint

5 Food Joints You Should Definitely Visit In LPU

LPU campus is loaded with several food courts, where you can enjoy your food as well as the company of your friends, both at...